Worcester Red Sox/Polar Park

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Worcester Red Sox/Polar Park

Post by W1KNE »

Spent an hour or so outside of the park tonight after dinner.

A couple of observations.
* The DMR licensed frequencies were completely silent.

* Aside from a smattering of FRS/GMRS radios, mostly by fringe restaurants, including a pretty large parking detail on 462.6625 136.5, the other thing to note was the two frequencies:

464.5500 67.0
467.8500 67.0
Both were using voice inversion! They were very strong so it was likely from inside the park.
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Re: Worcester Red Sox/Polar Park

Post by cuworc »

I've been hearing voice inversion on 464.550 (67.0) since opening day last month, always coinciding with home games and with signal strengths at my location consistent with what one would expect from handhelds at Polar Park. I'll try to keep an ear on the newly licensed freqs.

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