Pittsfield Fire Simulcast

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Pittsfield Fire Simulcast

#1 Post by W1KNE » 08 Jun 2019 22:02

Close Call hit today in Pittsfield
451.8000 107.2 simulcasting Pittsfield fire. (154.3400 / 107.2)

Unsure who the user is, as there are no licenses for this in Pittsfield.
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Re: Pittsfield Fire Simulcast

#2 Post by sawyer100 » 20 Jun 2019 21:17

FYI: 451.8000 is in the business frequency pool, and it's designated as an "itinerant" channel/frequency, which means it can't be used in permanent fixed locations. It can be a temporary fixed base (FB), temporary UHF repeater output (FB2) or temporary mobile/hand-held portable (MOI). Lastly it shouldn't be crosspatched to any public safety frequency either. FCC rules prohibit that. I'm sure the UHF crosspatch was created for some UHF user.

It could be a fire dept/radio shop thing or a private thing. About 10 years ago now, there was a scanner person that crosspatched {town PD} UHF to a VHF business itinerant simplex frequency (VHF with PL tone). I happened to hold a FCC license for VHF business itinerant simplex channel, and after a bit I got sick of hearing that illegal crosspatch, so what better way to get it shut down was to transmit to it talking to one of my staff (mobile to mobile), and what do you know, it was transmit capable to the {town PD} and my conversation was coming out the PD channel {all their illegal problem}. So whomever had this crosspatch, probably used a dual band ham radio (maybe) and had an illegal transmittable UHF public safety pair on the UHF side. The VHF side was a base set up as it had a overly vast VHF broadcast range outside of it's county. 2 days later, no more illegal crosspatch, been shut off since.

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