Barnstable County Public Safety Feed Back Online!

Information regarding the many available scanner feeds, to include updates, changes, scheduled downtime, special broadcasts, your suggestions, etc.
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Barnstable County Public Safety Feed Back Online!

#1 Post by Scott » 13 Feb 2019 10:36

I am pleased to announce that I am once again providing this feed for Cape Cod.

It does have alpha tag capability. The best PC based solution for this seems to be the final version of Winamp, which is available via this link: Winamp is no longer an active piece of software but has always IMHO been superior with alpha-tagged feeds. Step carefully through the installation and strip it down to a minimum as the install historically has been a little aggressive as far as taking over default PC settings for audio and video. Less is more as long as it is the default that supports .m3u files. Depending on your setup when you use the Winamp option at Broadcastify it may try to download a .m3u file. This is not a bad thing as the file can be saved somewhere on your computer, you can make a shortcut to it, and run the feed directly from it. The Broadcastify phone app seems to do well in keeping up with tags as well. Other methods may have varying results that are out of my control.

I am using one of the old BC780XLT's for the feed, which nicely works on the rebanded MSP Zone 04 system. The feed also includes conventional 800 MHz police, some maritime channels pertinent to navigation and safety in the Cape Cod area, and USCG Air to Ground operations.


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