The Shack is Back - Late 2019 Edition

Here's the place to post pictures of your monitoring post. Your photos of home setups, mobile setups, and antenna arrays are welcome to be posted. Max pic size: 640 x 480. Read the sticky for detailed guidelines.
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The Shack is Back - Late 2019 Edition

Post by Scott »

Hi Folks,

I have very slowly but surely been working my way back to getting my station back online. While not quite elaborate as it once was I've managed to make some changes, move it to a new location in the house, and make it work. I finished up yesterday, so thought I'd share it with you today.

KC1UA 2019.jpg
KC1UA 2019.jpg (309.72 KiB) Viewed 7684 times

Scanners: Uniden SDS100, Uniden BCD325P2, Uniden BCT15X, Uniden BCT15.
Receivers: Airspy R2, Airspy R1, both using SDR# and DSD+ Fast Lane Software.
Receive Antennas: AntennaCraft Scantenna ST2 via Stridsberg 4 port multicoupler, Comet GP-15 via Stridsberg 8 Port multicoupler. Wellbrook ALA1530 HF loop antenna.
Amateur Radio: Yaesu FT-991A with MFJ-993B Tuner.
Amateur Antennas: W7FG True Ladder Line 80-10 meter doublet at 40 feet. Same company but 40-10m doublet to be installed soon. Thanks to a kind neighbor I was able to "borrow" a tree as one of the supports for the 80-10 model so for the first time ever I can operate on 80/75 meters. Yay? Comet GP-1 for VHF/UHF FM, others for SSB use to eventually follow.
The Wellbrook Loop is used as a receive antenna for amateur radio as the noise level in my neighborhood is very high. It is interfaced via the MFJ-1707 auto sensing antenna switch.
Amateur Accessories: Behringer XM8500 microphone mounted on boom with Heil Interface to FT-991A and foot pedal for keying. Ham Radio Deluxe Software. Samlex 1223 power supply.
Computers: Dell i7 running Windows 10 v1903, Gateway i5 running Windows 10 v1903.

Anyone on System Fusion? I haven't tried it yet but I see a repeater in Falmouth.

It's nice to be back.
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Re: The Shack is Back - Late 2019 Edition

Post by Mark SNE Moderator »

It's.......It's........It's SHACK SEXY!

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Re: The Shack is Back - Late 2019 Edition

Post by riskan20 »

Thats quite the set up! 3 monitors? I'd like to have 2 myself but computer only has port for 1 monitor. Nice selection of radios. I also have the bcd996p2 and bct15x and am thinking about getting sds200 this summer. What do you listen to on each scanner? I use my 996p2 strictly for P25 simulcast and and LTR system. I use the bct15x for local/regional police, fire, rescue, a casino, national grid, and a bunch of businesses. Not sure what I will use the sds200 for yet. Maybe use the 996p2 for something else. I do have minor simulcast issues where I live. The whole state of RI is on a P25 simulcast with 5 zones. But I dont have a serious problem with it. I use a mag mount 800mhz antenna on a sheet metal ground plane up in gutter on 2nd floor. It works very well. Just inconvenient mounting and a hassle to take down if I need to. I have a dpd omni x antenna coming next week. hopefully a little better than the diamond discone I am using for the bct15x. If the omni x works out well, I may buy a coupler and run all radios off of it.

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