Updating the database with Sentenel software for BCD 536 HP

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Updating the database with Sentenel software for BCD 536 HP

Post by joekehoe »

I purchased the above mentioned scanner in November 2017. I tried to upgrade the database and was unable to upgrade. It said the operation failed. No access. I deleted the program and reinstalled it with same results. I am not computer savvy and need assistance. Thank you

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Post by cdgordon »

Did you carefully follow the steps on the following page?
[h=2]Get the Latest Sentinel, Firmware, and Database (SENTINEL AND FIRMWARE UPDATED 7/27/2016)[/h]
  1. Download the latest version of BCDx36HP Sentinel. See BCD536HPFirmwareUpdate
  2. Unzip, then install the new version by clicking the Setup.exe file.
  3. Launch Sentinel, then select UPDATE --> Update Master HPDB.
  4. Plug your scanner into your PC using the supplied USB cable. Press E to select Mass Storage mode.
  5. From within Sentinel, select UPDATE --> Update Firmware ONLY IF THE WI-FI DONGLE IS NOT V5.01. See the page referenced in Step 1.
  6. From within Sentinel, select Scanner--> Write to Scanner.
  7. Unplug the USB cable. The new firmware will be applied.

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