Massachusetts Area DMR, Uniden HPE or ProScan

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Massachusetts Area DMR, Uniden HPE or ProScan

Post by gillham »

Just wondering if anyone has a running favorites list of DMR in the MA/NH/RI/CT area? Unless I missed it, it's not apart of the Uniden database, and before I dive in and start building out my own favorites list, I figured I'd check in here to see if anyone's got one.
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Re: Massachusetts Area DMR, Uniden HPE or ProScan

Post by Firefox10 »

Good Idea, I'm getting into it also, and a database would be a good avenue to start!!

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Re: Massachusetts Area DMR, Uniden HPE or ProScan

Post by W1KNE »

The two best places to start are the Colleges and Hospitals Wiki Pages. ... _Hospitals ... s_Colleges

Another place to look is the big ICE Industrial Connect Plus Trunk. ... nics_Trunk

Also more and more we're seeing municipal DPWs going DMR

And one last suggestion. Look at our mystery frequency forum here. There are a number of DMR mysteries that maybe you can help us resolve.
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Re: Massachusetts Area DMR, Uniden HPE or ProScan

Post by garys »

For the most part DMR users are mostly business related. As Mike points out, colleges and hospitals are transitioning to DMR as they replace equipment. Special needs transportation companies use radio a lot due to the nature of their clientele. None of it is particularly interesting, though.

I don't know that anyone would put together a specific Favorites List of DMR radio users, but maybe.

The ICE network is large, busy, and covers four of the New England States. A lot of private ambulance companies use it because of it's wide area coverage. Not that that radio traffic is all that interesting either.

DPW agencies use it because it's good enough for their needs and much less expensive than P25 radios. Those channels are only interesting if you have a lot of bad weather in your area.

For the most past DMR (and NXDN) is just another form of modulation. It has some added optional features, such as Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), text messaging, Unit IDs, that some users might need, but unless you have special equipment are going to be invisible to the average scanner user.
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