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Railroad / Train info

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I would like to know what types of railroad activity goes on in the Providence area. I have a few vhf frequencies programmed, and mostly hear the Amtrak dispatcher. Along side route 95 there are many train tracks and buildings. What goes on besides Amtrak? Are there any of those 220 and 900 mhz frequencies in use? Is there much freight / commercial activity? I see a lot of those cars that look like tankers.
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Re: Railroad / Train info

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Re: Railroad / Train info

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The 900 MHz frequencies are used for the Amtrak ACSES II System. The 216 to 222 MHz frequencies are used for Positive Train Control (PTC). They both are digital data transmissions. From what I understand Amtrak is moving from 900 to 220.

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Re: Railroad / Train info

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That Amtrak facility is just where the Amtrak radio shop, C&S shops, B&B and track department HQ. The only channels that would be used are the Amtrak MOW radio channels 160.515. As for the 900 MHz ACSES II system, that was turned off last year and the equipment put into storage. The commuter rail had pulled their 900 MHz equipment back in late 2018/ early 2019.

Also there's the Commuter Rail facility which is Pawtucket layover which is across the mainline from the Amtrak facility. The commuter rail facility is uses 160.215, 160.815, 161.460, 160.875 for various functions inside the layover. As the normal on the corridor 160.920 is the road channel for the Amtrak dispatcher.
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Re: Railroad / Train info

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Don't forget Providence and Worcester RR. The frequencies are listed in the Wiki.

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