463.300 DMR

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463.300 DMR


I was in Concord for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. While waiting for my group to finish their game, I was searching the 450-480 range with my TRX-1 and came across ski area shuttle bus activity on 463.300. Slot 1 Color 1 TG 30 and Slot 2 Color 1 TG 30 both shuttle buses for parking lots. Only clues were frequent mentions of lower 1 and main lot. Very active until just before 5:00 PM, last transmission heard was bus 7 should be back to the garage by 5:20. No other talkgroups heard. Signal strength of 4 bars. Also heard yesterday morning in Andover MA, 1 to 2 bars. The 2 closest ski areas to Concord are Pat's Peak in Henniker and Mt. Sunapee in Newbury. FCC license search finds no license for either ski area or any repeater owner on that frequency. Anyone up in the Concord area that can track down which ski area this may be. Also possible this could have been a bus company operating the shuttles for this ski area.

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Re: 463.300 DMR

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I also see WPVY431 Lily Pond Communications in Gilford. I wonder if it is Gunstock as there are two lots.
https://www.gunstock.com/upload/photos/ ... ap_jpg.pdf

Update: There is actually at least three parking lots with lot C a short distance away. A good candidate for shuttle busses. The ski lift is open 9am-4pm on Mondays.

73 Eric

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Re: 463.300 DMR

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Eric, Rick Zach works there ask him on Facebook.

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