Cheshire County NH Police

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Cheshire County NH Police

Post by JohnBolduc »

Before I through this to the CONFIRM wolves for scrutiny, I wanted to post this here for comment or correction.


Notice the town ID numbers directly match to the SWNH Fire apparatus prefixes.
Police town IDs are a bit convoluted even though they match the fire IDs
I say that because:
Jaffrey can be 16-# or 16-## ( 161, 162, 1603, 1611). I disagree with the way they are listed in the wiki as 160- or 160-#. I can see some confused listings when you look at the Cheshire County wiki as a whole.

This ##-# / ##-## ID format can cause some conflicts.

3- Nelson and 30- Surry. What would unit 303 be ?? I am still trying to decipher that. Monitoring the fire side of calls in the county help narrow down / figure out questionable identifications.
If county is doing two checks with two units in the same town, for instance 404 and 405 the dispatcher will say "Winchester" units clear (or whatever as a group) That nails down an ID confirmation to me.
In other cases unique address are given out that only matches to a certain town. Danger with that is one town helping to cover a call to another town. Matching the PD side to the FD with that ID prefix makes a lot of sense to me.
There is occasionally a number / pair that seems to not fit any town, sheriff, or SP unit. Also strange is a unit 40Z1 which I have heard several times.

In addition to small towns being covered by very part time police departments, you will hear County Unit # / ## on the air. Also I have heard "SP" 311 (SP 3##) covering calls in Marlow. This SP covering probably have in several of the towns, especially with a population below 3,000.

While I hear most everything in the Repeater mode, there seems to be a fair amount of Simplex traffic also.

So while I feel confident in my loggins and format, However, I do not live in the area and I am looking for feedback.

| Chesterfield | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 6- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
| Dublin | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 8- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
| Fitzwilliam | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 10- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.25 JBolduc
| Hinsdale | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 18- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
| Jaffrey | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 16- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
| Marlborough | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 20- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.25 JBolduc
| Marlow | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 21- | DB: Cheshire County (SP) | 2020.06.25 JBolduc
| Nelson | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 3- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.25 JBolduc
| Richmond | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 25- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.25 JBolduc
| Rindge | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 26- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.25 JBolduc
| Stoddard | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 31- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.25 JBolduc
| Swanzey | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 27- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
| Troy | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 34- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
| Walpole | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 35- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
| Winchester | 155.0700 | R | N117 | 40- | DB: Cheshire County | 2020.06.24 JBolduc
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Re: Cheshire County NH Police

Post by ecps92 »

We are always refining the wiki, to maintain the accuracy, so hopefully some locals who monitor will reply.
WE do know much has changed from the OSG Days, and then some has stayed the same.

That said, we are always looking for suggestions for better formatting, hence the College/Hospital changes that recently occurred.
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Re: Cheshire County NH Police

Post by kelton.dray »

What are you hearing in simplex?

Can you see P25 unit IDs on your logging?
I have a list of unit ID prefixes
Cheshire County
Alstead 302
Chesterfield 304
Dublin 306
Fitzwilliam 308
Gilsum 310
Harrisville 312
Hinsdale 314
Jaffrey 316
Keene 318
Marlboro 320
Marlow 322
Nelson 324
Richmond 326
Rindge 328
Roxbury 330
Stoddard 332
Sullivan 334
Surry 336
Swanzey 338
Troy 340
Walpole 342
Westmoreland 344
Winchester 346
Mutual Aid 390

ID suffix ;
Police Mobiles 001-249
Police Portables 500-749
Fire Mobiles 250-499
Fire Portables 750-999

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Re: Cheshire County NH Police

Post by JohnBolduc »

I do my logging long hand either live or from an audio recording to simulate the experience of the typical scanner listener.
I did not even think of engaging unit ID logging as it would not reflect what one would hear over their scanner speaker or through Broadcastify.
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Re: Cheshire County NH Police

Post by JoelZEDYX »

Hi John and others,
I'm sorry I'm late to the party, I just happened to stumble across this post about Cheshire County police/fire ID's.
Let me see if I can clarify this. Perhaps, it's already been figured out.... anyway....

Yes, the police ID's match KMA's/SW Fire municipal numerical assignments. Let's take your Nelson = 3 / Surry =30 question.
Surry 303 is/was, I say "was" because Surry PD no longer exists. I know this because I used to be Surry 302... So, Surry 303 would be Surry Police unit 3. 33 would be Nelson's police unit 3.

12 would be Alstead Police unit 2, where as 102 would be Fitzwilliam Police unit 2.
Of course on the Fire side, there's always a letter right after the town designator... 1A1 would be Alstead Ambulance 1
35C2 would be Walpole Fire assistant Chief, and 352 would be Walpole Police unit 2.

On occasion a local PD will dispatch their own units on the Cheshire County dispatch channel and may use an identifier that doesn't conform to anything. That will typically be their radio base station callsign suffix. Similar to when a fire unit calls SW Fire by saying "415 from 35C1" SW Fire is actually KCF415....

On the P25 side of things and digital ID's you see, Walpole 342 for example, 342 is NH's way of identifying which town and maybe even unit a radio belongs to. 342 is part of Walpole PD's national "ORI" which is in full; NH0034200.

That strange "40Z1" That more than likely would be a fire unit designator that's not a conventional piece of apparatus. For example a utility side-by-side or something like that.

State Police and 311, 301 - which are also Cheshire County designators, Stoddard and Surry police. are assigned 300's because they are from the Troop-C barracks. C third letter of the alphabet. Troop-F are 600's... The municipal state ID's follow State Police in the Teens... For example, Littleton PD is 1649, which is 16xx, which is covered by Troop-F. Swanzey covered by Troop-C is 1332.. 13xx is in the Troop-C area.

The State Police units will typically ID by prefacing their number with SP311, SP301, etc...

Keene is an entirely different animal all by itself and conforms to nothing on the police side. Different unit numbers (Which are actually their city employee numbers) Different 10-codes. Some codes aren't even from the same state!! Keene PD a 706 call (Drugs) is actually a NY code for narcotics.

Hope this all helps.

de Joel - WA1ZYX
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