Additional Windham Fire Channel

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Additional Windham Fire Channel

#1 Post by TheDoza79 » 20 Jan 2020 16:14

The other night when we had the snowstorm, I was monitoring Windham Fire and another frequency licensed to Windham:

155.8425 WQYJ215

I heard fire traffic with NAC 907 on the frequency above (same NAC as Windham Fire) with Windham C3 and I believe Windham C1, but that’s it. I know after the accident was clear they said good night to each other on this channel. I didn’t hear any other Windham units or mutual aid units on it, (Salem was called and was talking with Windnam on the primary channel). So I don’t know if this is just a command channel or possibly a channel 2. I was wondering if you guys have more knowledge on it than I do.

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