Regions chiefs criticize Maine PUC's 911 rules

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Regions chiefs criticize Maine PUC's 911 rules

#1 Post by mao1154 » 01 Apr 2019 07:21


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Re: Regions chiefs criticize Maine PUC's 911 rules

#2 Post by jbella » 01 Apr 2019 11:43

Scripted call taking is another cookie cutter approach to service that is making a lot of people who don't have to answer the calls rich. I've done the medical training in the past when I was a temporary dispatch supervisor. I understand why it is there, at least for medical. But having a set script that allows for no variation is a detriment to being a good dispatcher. And it is just plain asinine for fire and police calls.

A good dispatcher is able to think, is able to separate the wheat from the chaff, is able to skip nonsensical questions, is able to move on to what's important. A bad dispatcher who follows the script is able to have a long career mired in mediocrity or worse because they can follow a script, press the right buttons and never be caught on the wrong side of a call, even if someone dies. "Someone was trapped in the house but you didn't dispatch apparatus for 4 minutes." "He didn't finish answering the questions." "Yes, he didn't answer because he was overcome by smoke as he tried to tell you." "Yes, but I couldn't dispatch because I hadn't finished the first screen of questions."

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