Pico Mtn, Killington VT (UHF Trunking findings)

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Pico Mtn, Killington VT (UHF Trunking findings)

#1 Post by sawyer100 » 07 Jan 2020 15:55

FleetWave Partners LLP

Pico Mountain, Killington, VT

Kenwood Nexedge NXDN (trunking, but could be conventional)
461.9000 Rptr RAN 10 (encrypted)
463.3875 Rptr
463.9875 Rptr
464.3500 Rptr RAN 10 (encrypted)
464.5875 Rptr RAN 10 (encrypted)
464.7375 Rptr
464.9625 Rptr RAN 10 (encrypted)

I have a Uniden BCD996P2 scanner with NXDN upgrade, so I'm able to listen and/or trunk track. I programmed it with Kenwood NXDN trunking and it didn't trunk track at all. When I had the freqs in conventional mode, I was able to pick up activity. The only RAN search that talked over 5 days was "RAN 10" and everything was encrypted. I'm not sure if this is just 1 user or many users.?. On a side note, 461.900 used to be a conventional rptr (separate from the previous Kenwood analog trunking system freqs). they removed the old analog system, but now every freq usage is Kenwood NXDN digital.

I know two confirmed few users:
* Casella Waste Management
* Town of Killington DPW/Highway Dept.

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