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Vermont business frequencies

Posted: 19 Jul 2019 09:58
by bfrederi
For anybody interested in Vermont business frequencies, I've started to document an NXDN48 system that apparently covers all of VT, plus Clinton County (Plattsburgh area) in NY, and a piece of Western New York. See my recent post in the Data Submission section for details.

My original intent was to discover any 800 or 900 MHz activity in the area of Burlington/Saint Albans. But after searching through these bands, I only saw activity on a previously reported Clinton County municipal TRS, across the lake in NY. I also saw no activity in the T-Band so moved down into the 450/460 MHz area. Here I noticed several NXDN signals which didn't seem to be docuemnted here or at RR. At least some of them seemed to be part of a larger system, so I dug in with SDR#, DSD+, a BCD436HP, the FCC DB, and WB1HBU's algorithms for calculating frequencies from channel numbers in UHF systems. I wasn't up there long enough to log talkgroups after sorting out the two sites I could receive from the area of Saint Albans Bay, but it did look like most activity was encrypted. I only caught one unencrypted talk group mentioning dumpster pick-ups. DSD+ displayed several additional neighboring sites and their control channels (including one with a control channel > 801 which I couldn't identify from the FCC DB), but they were not receivable at my location. [EDIT: cdgordon suggests in the other thread that the 803 cc may actually be a a 6.25KHz channel licensed in the 463 MHz area.]

Plenty of holes left to fill in if anybody's interested.

(Bill: Sorry I didn't catch your query about 155.2650 before heading up there.)