Classified Forums Rules

Radio hobby related (ONLY!) items that you have for sale or for auction at eBay. Wanted to buy posts are fine as well. Use FS when you have an item For Sale, FA when you have one For Auction, and WTB when you have something you Want To Buy. Please read the forum rules sticky at the top prior to posting.
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Classified Forums Rules

#1 Post by W1KNE » 05 May 2019 16:53

This is a refresher on the rules set by Scott in 2008.

PLEASE follow these rules so we can make this forum work the way it should.

This forum is for active members of our community only. Want to post a classified?, you must participate in our community. If you are not at the threshold set by the forum, and wish to post a classified, send me a PM first.

This forum is for the buying, auctioning, selling, or swapping of radio hobby related gear only! ANY OTHER ITEMS will be deleted.

1. If offering an item for sale, the Title should start with FS: followed by a brief description of the item, i.e. FS: Radio Shack PRO-2006 w/OS456 Board.

2. If offering an item for auction at eBay or another auction site, the Title should start with FA: followed by a brief description, i.e. FA: Uniden BCD996T. Ensure that you provide the link to your auction!

3. If posting an inquiry regarding an item you want to buy, the Title should start with WTB:, i.e. WTB: APCO-25 Portable Scanner.

4. If you do not follow rules 1,2, and 3, your post may be deleted!

5. Provide a detailed description of the item you are selling, with photos if possible.

6. Provide specific payment information.

7. Provide specific shipping information.

8. Communicate! This site has a Private Message System. Use it to message the seller you wish to purchase an item, don't just rely on a reply on the forum, as someone may have messaged them ahead of you in time. Sellers check your PMs regularly!!

9. No Peanut Gallery comments! If you think a price is ridiculous, keep it to yourself. Peanut Gallery comments will be deleted. Continued abuse of this will result in your not being able to post in the classified forum.

10. New. This forum is going to be set to "auto purge" any listing older than 60 days, starting June 01. If you wish to relist your item, you will have to publish it again.

11. New. No "bumping" of items, unless there is a change to the original listing. I.e. you have multiple items and one sells, or a price change.
If you bump your item, simply to have it show up "new" before the 30 days, the listing will be deleted.

By using this forum to buy or sell radio hobby related equipment you agree to do so at your own risk and will not hold this website, its webmaster, or any of its moderators responsible for any loss as a result. Posting a message here or communicating with a buyer or seller to arrange/complete a sale will constitute your agreement to this.
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