Amateur Radio REACT -- Anybody Monitoring?!

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Amateur Radio REACT -- Anybody Monitoring?!

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Those of you remember the old CB days with Channel 9 (and other local channels) monitoring for emergencies? Of course cell phones had yet to become a consumer service, so it was either land line telephone or some sort of radio system to call for help -- Citizen Band Radio was the choice at that time! Even in MA today there are places that have little/poor cell phone coverage. I remember about a year ago walking into the woods about 1 mile in (with absolutely no one else around) and discovering I didn't have a cell phone signal. I also had forgotten to take my amateur radio portable with me! One than walks very carefully (perhaps too carefully) when their no comms to call for help! HOWEVER, I also have to wonder IF one did need help would there be anyone listening? Would the station on the other end answering the call even know who to call to relay the message?! Locally some folks have told me there's always someone monitoring any of the local repeaters, and hopefully IF one has an emergency and the cellphone doesn't work! -- Now as far as simplex goes I just do haven't any hope in that! I don't think there's any formal amateur programs that monitor for emergencies. Anyone's thoughts on this!?
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Re: Amateur Radio REACT -- Anybody Monitoring?!

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I remember there was a time when Westford (MA) PD monitored 146.52 and had signs on the highway to that effect; the club is still called the Police Amateur Radio Team, though I'm almost certain that the police station no longer monitors 52.

I suspect there are a lot of people like me who often have a radio on in the background on one of the local repeaters, but who aren't necessarily looking to ragchew. I wouldn't trust my life to someone happening to hear me on a repeater, but I have an inkling that more people are listening than would answer if I just tossed out "N1ZYY listening." I'm not aware of any organized monitoring plans, as much as there being hundreds of radios with the local repeaters programmed and being in the hands of people who likes radio.

I'd put a lot more faith in a popular ham repeater than the "emergency" CB or (informal) FRS/GMRS channels, though.

If I were more outdoorsy, I'd look into the Cospas-Sarsat PLBs.
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