Monitoring High Flying USAF/USN Remote Piloted Vehicles

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Monitoring High Flying USAF/USN Remote Piloted Vehicles

#1 Post by NIGHTHAWK01 » 05 Aug 2018 11:33

An interesting monitoring target would be the long range remote piloted vehicles that both the USAF & USN utilize. The Air Force uses the MQ-4B Global Hawk and the Navy uses the MQ-4C Triton. I'm not aware of an AF east coast base for this rpv but the Navy uses it from a base located at Patuxent River, Maryland. The USN has this integrated with its' P8A surveillance aircraft and the 4C can quickly go down to an altitude of 10,000 feet. My theory is practice takes place off the coast of Maine on a regular basis. The 4C aircraft would be utilizing typical air traffic control channels in the area based upon its' altitude likely UHF rather than VHF. Call sign utilized isn't known. The difficult with monitoring/recording just ground transmitters is V/UHF is concurrently transmitted. Anyways whenever there's P8 traffic showing up on ADS B up in the Maine area, perhaps strong monitoring of the Boston ARTCC sector in that area might reveal something. Here's a link with more information on the USN's 4C ... d=500&ct=4
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Re: Monitoring High Flying USAF/USN Remote Piloted Vehicles

#2 Post by Citywide 173 » 05 Aug 2018 13:41

I know when my father was flying with VP-92 out of South Weymouth, I heard the P-3s on the Boston tower frequencies on occasion. The callsign they used then was just the tail letters for the squadron and the plane number, i.e. Lima-Yankee 7. This was in the early 80's so things may have changed, but I figure I'd offer it up.
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