Nantucket Updates

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Nantucket Updates

#1 Post by 35F7 » 07 Oct 2019 07:47

I spent the weekend on Nantucket.

Nantucket Fire
Nothing heard on 159.090
154.430 is Primary Fire and is patched to Trunking Talk Group 21 ("Fire-1")
Primary Operations still appear to be on the VHF (I was monitoring both VHF and P-25)

Trunking System
21 - "Fire-1" - Patched to 154.430

30 Series talkgroups and 30000 unit IDs - appear to be public works
Confirmed traffic on 31 and 32
32 was doing sewer and catch basin cleaning right down the street from me

All Airport Units were 50000 block
51 - Airport Airfield Operations
52 - Airport FBO

61 - "Marine-1" - Beach Patrols

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