"Dexter" filming in Worcester

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"Dexter" filming in Worcester

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A 10-episode revival of Showtime's "Dexter" series is filming through July in various MA locations, particularly central MA. These loggings are from today's filming in Worcester. Media reports indicate filming will continue this week at additional Worcester locations.

464.8125 S D125 Ch. 01 Production
464.6000 S D131 Ch. 02 Talkaround
466.3375 S D043 Ch. 03 Talkaround
464.1125 S D065 Electric/Lighting
469.4875 S D051 Rigging/Grip
464.7125 S D115 Ch. 13 Props/effects? (minor use as Transp. tertiary)
464.7625 S D116 Ch. 14 Transportation (secondary)
469.4750 S D125 Ch. 15 Transportation (production trucks & shuttle vans)

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Re: "Dexter" filming in Worcester

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Wiki updated. Thanks.
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