Maine confirmations

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Maine confirmations

#1 Post by LTE4NFD » 07 Sep 2018 15:34

Hancock Co Fire
Swans Island Dispatch 154.2500R 151.4 9/1/2018
Swans Island Local 154.1750S 151.4 9/1/2018
Trenton Local 155.7075R D306 8/27/2018
Capitol EMS 151.550 D114 Capitol Ems has taken over service in the area. County Ambulance has shut down.

Knox Co Fire
Lincolnville 152.2025 R 203.5 9/2/2018
Lincolnville 155.8050 R 136.5 9/2/2018

Washington Co Fire
Alexander 154.3100R 107.2 8/28/2018
Daniel Mathews
Deputy Chief Natick Fire

Metro Radio System
Merrimack Valley
Middlesex Radio
Southern Maine Fire Notification
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Re: Maine confirmations

#2 Post by ecps92 » 10 Oct 2018 12:34

Wiki's updated - thanks for the much needed info
BTW Lincolnville is in Waldo, yet dispatched via Knox - so edits in Waldo
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