Two 453.075 confirmations/additional data

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Two 453.075 confirmations/additional data

#1 Post by n1zyy » 09 Oct 2018 21:36

I've had my scanner going through some lesser-common Lowell stuff, without PL restrictions, trying to ID stuff. Haven't heard UMass Lowell EMS on 453.075 yet (more in the Lowell post in a bit), but I did hear some other stuff on that frequency that I was curious enough to identify. Sharing for whatever it's worth:

Worcester Red Cross repeater

I'm receiving a regular CW ID (WPNP571) with a 103.5 Hz PL. That's Worcester Red Cross, though I haven't heard any actual traffic yet. ... _Red_Cross lists the frequency but no PL and no confirmation. (Not sure if we want to call it "confirmed" with only a CW ID, though, but the repeater's definitely on the air with a 103.5 Hz PL.)

Bow, NH school buses

I also heard a bunch of school bus traffic on 453.075 with a 136.5 Hz PL this afternoon. ... _Utilities lists that combination as being Bow, NH school buses, last confirmed 3 years ago. I didn't pick up enough traffic (it's barely above the noise) to be positive on the ID, but it's the only license within range that makes sense, plus there's the PL match. People appeared to be calling the dispatcher "1500" from the bits I heard. Bow is WPQY290, which is for 35 Watts atop a little phone pole at almost 900' AMSL.

Also got a hit on DCS 411, which would match Needham Fire, but there was just enough signal to break the squelch.
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Re: Two 453.075 confirmations/additional data

#2 Post by ecps92 » 10 Oct 2018 07:04

Wiki's updated - Thanks

Nice to have the PL for Worcester and see it is in SEMI use :)
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