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Lowell Wastewater reconfirmation

Posted: 25 Jan 2019 14:03
by n1zyy
I'm on a roll with finding / reconfirming pretty boring traffic. ;) ... y_Services

The information on the Waste Water Utility is correct, 463.775 with a 100.0 Hz PL. The callsign is WPYJ460 and it's a repeater. I dug this up and started listening yesterday after they plowed snow all over my sidewalk. ;) It doesn't see a whole ton of activity and isn't very exciting to listen to ordinarily. Though the license says it's for the treatment facility, they have trucks throughout the city maintaining sewers / drains or whatnot.

BTW, the DPW information was recently reconfirmed by MassBusMark, but if you want to fill in the 'type' column while you're there, it's a simplex system. (WQEW692 is the call.) Lowell High is WQPH738, and licensed for a repeater, though I haven't monitored it myself to confirm if they're using it.

Re: Lowell Wastewater reconfirmation

Posted: 26 Jan 2019 10:50
I can confirm that Lowell High School (WQPH738) is using a repeater.

Re: Lowell Wastewater reconfirmation

Posted: 12 Feb 2019 13:52
by ecps92
Wiki completed for Waste Water