Industrial Communications and Electronics MotoTrbo Systems

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Industrial Communications and Electronics MotoTrbo Systems

#1 Post by wb1hbu » 16 Jun 2019 21:27


I noticed some new sites in the Wiki and I can not believe my last notes on this system was back in 2013. I was looking at the new coverage map and noticed the semi-circle going out into the ocean around York, Maine. That seemed to suggest a site on Mount Agmenticus. Since I was going by there, I brought my laptop, SDRPlay, and AOR AR-8200. I also recently had a company outing in Westford, so I monitored Site 26. Site 31 appeared too strong at my home QTH to be in Middleton, so I tracked it down to the next city over.

The Wiki says talkgroup 49 is inactive, but it was the only talkgroup heard during my brief weekend monitoring session of Site 34. Unfortunately I did not get enough activity to get all the LCNs.

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System 134
Site 26 Nashoba Hill, Westford, MIDDLESEX, Massachusetts
Neighbors: Sudbury(6), Foxboro(7), Boston(22), (32)
935.8125 DCC 11 CC/Voice
935.8625 DCC 11 CC/Voice

Site 31 Gallows Hill, Salem, ESSEX, Massachusetts
Neighbors: Quincy(2), Georgetown(3), Medford(4), Andover(5), South Boston(23)
935.8250 DCC 1 CC/Voice
935.8500 DCC 1 CC/Voice
935.8750 DCC 1 CC/Voice

Site 34 Mount Agmenticus, York, YORK, Maine
Neighbors: Georgetown(3), Andover(5), Epsom(17), Goffstown(19), (25)
Talkgroups: 49
935.2500 DCC 4 CC/Voice  LCN 2 OTA Ch 3/4
936.6500 DCC 4 Voice     LCN 3 OTA Ch 5/6
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Re: Industrial Communications and Electronics MotoTrbo Systems

#2 Post by garys » 17 Jun 2019 11:18

Thanks, Eric.

That's interesting about Salem. I did the Middleton verification by driving by the site and getting full signal on my SDR set up with no antenna. Now, I have to figure out if I made a mistake and the mysterious Site 32 is actually in Middleton.

Site 34 being in Portland makes sense as I haven't got a peep out of it anywhere I've tried in eastern or central MA. It didn't make sense that ICE would either shut down that area or keep the analog site up as a stand alone.

If no one beats me to it, I'll update the Wiki later today.
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