Comtronics UHF MotoTrbo Trunk (Non-Duplicate)

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Comtronics UHF MotoTrbo Trunk (Non-Duplicate)

#1 Post by OceanNora » 29 Jun 2019 16:27

At long last, finally confirmed:

TG 54 - Stanleys Towing 1
TG 56 - Stanleys Towing 2

It finally dawned on me to cross-reference the plates called out over the air with the Boston towing lookup website. I'm surprised the idea just came to me today.

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Re: Comtronics UHF MotoTrbo Trunk (Non-Duplicate)

#2 Post by garys » 29 Jun 2019 17:04

Nice work. That makes perfect sense. I'll update the Wiki when I get home if no one beats me to it.

ETA: All set. That Boston Tow site is very interesting. Cambridge has one as well. That might come in handy in the future.
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