NHSP Reconfirmations

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NHSP Reconfirmations

#1 Post by n1zyy » 01 Aug 2019 10:46

Nothing exciting here, but http://www.scan-ne.net/wiki/index.php?t ... _of_Safety has not seen some of the troops updated in years. I left the scanner running on 150-160 MHz discovery a few nights ago and got around to cataloging the results.

I didn't actually capture Troop A, though I'm pretty sure it's still there. I did capture the following:

* 154.9350, NAC 826 - Troop B. Still there; I monitor this fairly often. (Occasional use of encryption by a few troopers; clearly dispatch and other troopers can hear them, but respond in the clear. Most traffic is in the clear, though.)
* 154.6650, NAC 826 - Troop C. Signal is weak at my QTH but hearing "10-5" and "10-1 from the Barracks" so it is almost certainly still them.
* 156.2100, NAC 826 - Troop D. Surprisingly good signal down here. "Headquarters" as dispatcher; "Switching over to E Edward" (for Troop E)
* 151.3250, NAC 800 - Troop E! Dispatched to a call in Jackson.
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Re: NHSP Reconfirmations

#2 Post by schwab » 01 Aug 2019 16:45

Troop A is still 151.400 $826. I monitor them daily.

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Re: NHSP Reconfirmations

#3 Post by ecps92 » 02 Aug 2019 08:29

Wiki updated - Thanks for these
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