Maine confirmations

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Maine confirmations

#1 Post by LTE4NFD » 04 Sep 2019 14:02

Hearing Lifeflight#4 of Maine now being dispatched on 451.7750 203.5 WQYM455 MEDCOMM Mt Hope Sanford ME.

While on vacation in both Hancock and Washington Co last week, heard "lifeflight# back in the hanger" 151.550 DPL114 WQDI501 Capitol EMS is on that channel too.

Washington Co 8/30/2019
Eastport PD 154.0250 192.8
Eastport FD 154.1900 107.2
Jonesboro FD 154.1900 107.2
Wesley FD 154.1900 107.2
Daniel Mathews
Deputy Chief Natick Fire

Metro Radio System
Merrimack Valley
Middlesex Radio
Southern Maine Fire Notification
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Re: Maine confirmations

#2 Post by ecps92 » 05 Sep 2019 17:43

Thanks Dan, much needed for those.
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