Nantucket P25 800 Trunked

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Nantucket P25 800 Trunked

#1 Post by wb1hbu » 03 Nov 2019 11:06


I was on the island yesterday for the first time and briefly listened to the Nantucket P25 800 Trunked system. I noticed the Wiki has a different NAC listed. The system is P2 capable as it has both FDMA and TDMA in the frequency mapping for both 700 MHz and 800 MHz.

P25 BEE00-3A6 NAC 3A0 Site 1-1
854.2375 Alt Control Channel
854.4375 Alt Control Channel
855.9625 Alt Control Channel
857.7125 Control Channel

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Re: Nantucket P25 800 Trunked

#2 Post by garys » 03 Nov 2019 13:29

Wiki updated, thread closed and moved.
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