Dana-Farber Capacity Plus

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Dana-Farber Capacity Plus

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the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is now operating a Capacity Plus system, so far I've determined the following:
Color Code of 7 for all frequencies
461.3750 - LCN 1
461.5375 - LCN 2
463.4875 - Unk LCN but traffic heard

111 - Security Dispatch
114 - Parking Operations

Unknown TGs:

100 - possible facilities "Base to ----, the blood center called, the odor is back"
101 - possible maintenance "Base to M-1," discussing various alarms both temp and fire, along with CO2 bottles.
102 - possible facilities, "Base to ___, the motion sensor" "On the Brigham, it's not letting tubes go through"
105 - "I'm on Smith 3"
115 - plastic mentioned, primarily Spanish

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Re: Dana-Farber Capacity Plus

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Full Frequency list has been added. Positively IDed TGs also added.

Unknown TGs will be added when confirmed.

Thank You!!
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