VT FD reconfirmations

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VT FD reconfirmations

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I made a trip up to the Burlington VT area last weekend and was able to reconfirm a handful of FD frequencies for that area (as well as a couple on the trip to and from there).

Chittenden County (all heard on 11/6/21):
Burlington ANGB: 165.1125 (025 DPL)
Charlotte FD: 154.325 (136.5 PL)
South Burlington FD: 453.675 (NAC: 846) - *new confirmation* - they are now operating on a digital frequency. Unknown current usage of the analog frequency.
Williston FD: 151.3175 (065 DPL)

Grand Isle County (heard on 11/6/21):
Grand Isle FD: 154.190 (100.0 PL) - DB: Shelburne on the county frequency (this could be considered a new entry since 154.190 isn't listed for this dept)

Washington County (last heard on 11/7/21):
Capital Area Dispatch: 154.190 (118.8 PL)

Windsor County (heard on 11/5/21):
Hartford FD: 155.6325 (192.8 PL)

Others were heard, but those have already been reconfirmed within the past year.

Thank you
Arthur (artb257)

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Re: VT FD reconfirmations


Thank you for the info. Wiki updated.