Massport reconfirmations

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Massport reconfirmations

Post by artb257 »

A handful of reconfirmations of talkgroups on the Massport trunk system:

TG 3: Massport - Operations 1 - heard every day, most recently today (8/5/22)
TG 35: Massport Fire - Ops/Dispatch - 8/5/22
TG 53: Massport Fire - Wide Area - 8/5/22
TG 67: State Police - F Patrol 1 - 8/5/22 (confirmation is on the CoMIRS page - Troop F)
TG 69: State Police - Tac 1 - 8/4/22 (heard during the First Lady's visit)

If I get any more, I'll add to the post.

Thank you.
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Re: Massport reconfirmations

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Wiki pages updated, thanks.
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