Our 1,000th member!

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Our 1,000th member!

Post by W1KNE »

Last week I approved the membership of our 1,000th new member. What a milestone!

I can not to begin to thank you enough for all you folks do to make this site great, and stand out from other scanning forums. Our group is dedicated, educated, and helps to foster the quality discussions you see here.
From a site that started for Cape Cod, then grew into Massachusetts, New England and even the fringes of New York state, we've come a long way, but remembering the roots that Scott Halligan created when he did the site.

I also want to take a moment out to thank Bill (ecps92), Gary (GaryS), and Mark (MassBusMark) for going above and beyond here as our moderators with their input to discussion, contribution to the wiki and being leaders here. The rest of the moderators here also deserve a special mention for their help here as well, and their input is invaluable to everything we do. We got the best group of moderators (and TeamSpeak Captain Joe's) on the internet.

So again, Thank You for helping us reach this milestone and I hope you enjoy your time here at Scan New England!

-- Mike Fitzpatrick
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Re: Our 1,000th member!

Post by garys »

Pretty good for a smallish regional board. As I search around the Internet there aren't a lot of other forums with this much information in other areas.

Like all hobbies it can be easy to spend too much time working on the details, but the crew here takes pride in having accurate information here, especially on the forum.

Now..., if each of those 1,000 members would submit just one bit of information. 😀
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