User name changes (updated)

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User name changes (updated)

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Effective immediately:

Name changes will not be granted at this site, unless under very strict circumstances. Name change requests must have a valid reason behind them, and will only be done one time.
Multiple name changes will not be allowed. (Unless the administration misspelled your name, or something VERY minor like that).

If you wish to change your name more than once, and decide to work around the system by signing up for a brand new account, your new account will not be approved. Understand this is for the utmost in transparency at this site. Our members and this site have a very high reputation for maintaining the highest quality content and input in the scanning community. By using this policy, we can be assured to maintain this transparency.

Also note, as of this, if you're given a name change, or have been in the last year, your old username will still appear under your current name with the notation of your previous username.
(i.e. formerly ScanTaunton). (* This excludes name changes in which a ham call sign is your username, and your call sign has changed).

The open policy of allowing user name changes is one which can get abused, and while I've only had a few recently, there is an uptick in the requests.

Thank You in advance for your understanding.

-- Mike Fitzpatrick
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