New Terms of Service and Use

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New Terms of Service and Use

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Good Morning,

Scan New England has become one of the most popular and used scanning hobbyist websites around. The site has several hundred members and is used and viewed even more than that.
Due to the ever increasing size in membership here at the site, and the ever growing aspect of the site, it was decided that we set some ground rules for using the site.
While this is very vanilla, it is my vision, to have the site continue to run in the nice, smooth operation which it has for years.

The Terms of Service are open to all to view, and are available at A link to the new terms of service exists on the main page navigation on the left, and on the side bar of the wiki.
Using this site in any fashion falls under the terms of the "TOS". Input on the TOS can be directed at any of the moderators, administrators, or to me directly.

The Terms of Service were agreed on by the 3 person administrative staff here and input was taken from the entire moderation team. This document is subject to change, so I only ask that you check in on it periodically. Major changes will be announced in this thread.

Again, I appreciate the input and discussion we get from EVERYONE. Not one single person has caused me any grief to this point, and this will help assure it stays that way.

Thank you for all you do here at Scan New England. Happy Scanning!

-- Mike
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