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How to ID/Show TGIDs on a DMR conventional channel on the x36 series

Posted: 08 Oct 2020 09:20
by W1KNE
Yes, it is very possible to show a TGID on a programmed conventional channel on the x36 series scanner.
No, you can't only monitor the single TG conventionally, you still need to program in as a SFT.

What you need to do is default the channel name field.

Go to Menu, Manage Favorites, Select your favorite list, edit, navigate to the item you want to ID. Click on edit name, press the period key twice to clear all characters. Press enter, it will ask if you wish to use default name, press enter again, and then exit out of the menu.

Normally you'd see your channel name. But now, when the DMR channel comes up, you'll see the TG and UID show up!