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I am a little (ok maybe a few decades now) behind the times and finally got a scanner that can handle P25

It is a Whister WS1040

Now I can not for the life of me figure out how to program MSCOMNET into it, do you program all the freqs the same way you would a Motorola trunk system? Where the heck do you enter the NACs for a trunked frequency?

I cant seem to find any real good guides online to help. I am doing this manually.

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank You

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Re: Howdy

Post by Tim »

Program a system.

Program a TG.

It will be a P25 trunk system. (P25 Auto)
Just enter the control channels (CC) for the zone you wish to monitor.
Then find the TG's for that zone you wish to listen too.

If it was a conventional frequency you would need the NAC. Some zones use control channels with a NAC when programming a system.

Much easier to use a PC to program. :beer:
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Re: Howdy

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Which MSCOMMNET site are you trying to monitor/what is your location? 90% of all radio traffic on MSCOMMNET is on the RCC Zone talkgruops, and with the Whistler you should be able to just program a Wildcard TG and scan away. Harris P25 systems (like MSCOMMNET) can use and frequency as the control channel so it would be wise to program them all in.

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