Rules and Guidelines

Have a frequency you found in a search, but not able to ID the user? It belongs in this forum! Please read the rules sticky prior to posting!
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Rules and Guidelines

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WELCOME TO THE MYSTERY FREQUENCY FORUMS! This is the forum where we actively discuss mystery frequencies identified as being used. If you have an idea, or more importantly, know the user, chime in!
Frequencies identified on this forum will likely be entered into the wiki upon identification

Here are some guidelines for this forum.

1) Please search the wiki first. Click here to search. Remember to include all the way out to the fourth decimal place when searching. "i.e. 460.10 won't work, but 460.1000 will". Also search on Radio Reference.

2) When posting for a new frequency, please include the frequency and tone in the subject. For DMR include the Color Code, for NXDN the Ran, for P25 the NAC, etc. You can also put your location where you heard it if you'd like. If you did not decode a tone, hold off on posting until you get one (unless you determine the user is CSQ). Not having a tone will make it exponentially more difficult to ID the user.

3) In the body of the forum, please put as much information as possible. Talk Groups, Time Slots, UIDs. Do not include names mentioned over the radio. "i.e. I heard UID 3033 call for Mike Fitzpatrick". Names will be deleted.

4) Please be mindful of our Terms of Service. Do not post encrypted frequencies that are identified in the public safety and federal bands. Also don't post known covert/undercover frequencies if that is the traffic you hear.

5) Some results may end up being input frequencies, and such those will be censored by the moderators.
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