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5 From CT and Western Mass

Posted: 04 Apr 2021 23:53
by W1KNE
464.3250 D156 - "W1 to W3" References to "The Lab" and "Headworks". Heard in West Hartford, not strong
461.5250 DCC04 - TG121 - TS01 (NOT the Marcus trunk). "Can you go open the Education Center and make sure it is setup". Also in West Hartford
452.9875 D712 - "Sophie is going down to do laundry". Followed by an acknowledgement. Near Pomfret/Putnam line.
451.3625 D125 - Repeated discussing Axe body spray(!). Leaning on this one being Suffield Academy
464.7750 D351 - Security. Generic Security Comms. In Springfield with a solid look into near Enfield.