Have a frequency you found in a search, but not able to ID the user? It belongs in this forum! Please read the rules sticky prior to posting!
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Even with the NH DOT heard and a CWID well into Weymouth, we have an unknown DMR user on this frequency.

453.9250 R CC07 - no SLOTS or Talkgroups presented so far and the best signal is with a North/Northeast beam
and it can be heard off the backside, but nothing toward Plymouth or Metro West.

With the help from another SNE member, we ruled out Essex Sewerage

And the only other possibility is the Commonwealths DCAM
https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSea ... ey=2385570
but [Yes we know] they are analog licensed and with the weak signal the 5 watts makes sense.

anyone in the City closer to maybe validate the potential location [since most State Agencies are still Remote - don't expect much traffic]
Bill Dunn N1KUG
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