451.69375 NXDN

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451.69375 NXDN


I first heard this one on Tuesday on top of Christian Hill in Lowell. My TRX-1 showed NXDN 48-D, TG01-0100, school buses. 2 to 3 bars signal strength. Not much radio traffic, mostly buses clearing or made last stop, etc. On Thursday I did hear dispatcher ask a bus for an ETA to Old Beaver Brook. A search on Google maps shows an Old Beaverbrook in Acton. Acton/Boxborough Regional School District operates the buses and was on an LTR trunk at one time if I recall. Earlier this year I did see one of their buses with UHF antenna. The Acton/Boxborough website shows Tuesday June 20th is the last day of school, a full day, so if we can't confirm this on Tuesday we may not get a confirmation on this till school starts up again on August 29th.

Also, no active license found in the FCC database for this frequency.

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