Oxford County, Maine

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Oxford County, Maine

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Unless otherwise notes, all confirmed by me 7/1 - 7/9 (sorry I don't have exact dates for each)

154.070 R 110.9 Oxford County Fire Primary (Notes: Dispatch now includes Rumford)
154.145 S 192.8 Andover Fire (Local)
154.055 S 123.0 Mexico Fire (Local)
154.340 R 100.0 Rumford Fire (Local)
154.3625 S 192.8 Newry Fire (Local) *Note - confirmed in February

155.070 R 192.8 Oxford County Sheriff
154.800 R 146.2 Rumford Police (Local)

Dixfield PD no longer exists, and is covered by Oxford County Sheriff
I think we can safely say that Region 5 Net 155.550 R 192.8 is INACTIVE
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Re: Oxford County, Maine

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Wiki updated, thanks Chris.
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