Best practice for lots of small submissions

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Best practice for lots of small submissions

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On a trip up north I left the scanner running and have some reconfirmations to submit. I have two questions on what's most helpful.

I have local notes grouped by wiki page, e.g., Belknap County Municipal & Utilities, and Cumberland County Police Departments, etc. One of the submission sticky posts asks that we try to group things by county. My latest submissions come from visiting family on a hill within Waterville Valley, so they cover a fairly weird area; lots of somewhat local stuff is blocked by mountains, but I have a fair number of things from Maine and Vermont. Should I take this literally and submit approximately ten posts with a few frequencies each, one per county? Is lots of small submissions like that a great thing that's easy to process, or is it annoying and spammy and you'd rather I condensed a bit to, say, "Maine Fire Reconfirmations"?

Second, is it helpful when I copy the wiki formatting, or is it just noisy? I've been doing that and bolding what I changed. Oftentimes I have a few non-contiguous rows. If I were reconfirming Boston Fire (not actually due, just as an example), is something like this helpful or is it just chaotic?

|Boston FD Ch.1||483.1625||R||D023||General Communications||2022.11.26 N1ZYY

|Boston FD Ch.3||483.2125||R||D516||Secondary Fireground||2022.11.26 N1ZYY

I've still got a HamXposition dinner's worth of data to submit so I want to make sure it's as helpful as possible. ;)
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Re: Best practice for lots of small submissions

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Just do a single one per state, but in the submission separate by county, please.

And you can quote the wiki lines and bold the changes, that is ok. Or just clearly indicate that the line is a reconfirmation.
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