Cohasset's municipal Capacity Plus system

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Cohasset's municipal Capacity Plus system

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I came across some info on this which is a number of years old but I think still has value in clarifying and adding to the talkgroup list for this Cohasset system:

Group 1: Water, Facilities, Sewer, Engineering, DPW, Harbormaster (so it's not "water facilities" but "water, facilities")
Group 2: Emergency Management
Group 3: Housing Authority, Board of Health
Group 4: Police Contact (non 911)
Group 5: Transportation, Buses, Senior Vans
Group 6: Recreation
Group 7: DPW Working Channel
Group 8: Emergency Operations Center - All Call

I know some additional talkgroup IDs are listed for schools in the Wiki. Wanted to post this for any comments and not send it directly as a submission.

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