155.505 D065

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Re: 155.505 D065

Post by franciedog »

I am hearing two beeps with a 5 second carrier after the beeps. Very strong at my location.
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Re: 155.505 D065

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The coverage of this thing is insane. Unless it's multiple repeaters. I wonder if this is Rhode Island SP's old transmitters being repurposed for something else with a new DPL?
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Re: 155.505 D065

Post by murphcc1 »

Had to go to West Warwick RI and Providence for some work today.
On a SDS100 I was getting and RSSI of about -60 on it, North Providence as well.
The further I went East the RSSI went up to about -170.

ONE beep and then sounds like a keyed mic for 5 seconds.
NO morse code.
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Re: 155.505 D065

Post by KC1KSQ »

Not sure if anyone has figured out what this signal is but thought I would add an image, not sure if that will help someone smarter than I determine where the signal is coming from or what its purpose is. I receive it clearly in downtown Providence.
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Re: 155.505 D065

Post by GolfTangoRadio »

Did anyone find out what this is?
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