Submitting Data to Scan New England.

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Submitting Data to Scan New England.

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If you are not familiar, one of the key things we have here at Scan New England is our frequency database run on an internal wiki server. Known unofficially as the "SNE Wiki". And while we have an excellent staff of DB admins here to maintain it, a lot of information is submitted from people who use this forum. Readers, posters and the like. And while we continue to accept and use user data, I need to stress a point about submitting data here. Data should always, 100%, be confirmed by "your ears" only. Using your personal scanner, SDR, or scanning trunking software is the way to go. We don't take radio shop data, "code plug" data, or worse yet, copied data from other websites/FCC database searches. This wiki is built by personal verification and that is how it remains. From time to time, someone who has an inside into radio shop data, or likewise, will submit data to the site as confirmed data, when it really is just radio programming data. And let me tell you, it's not always accurate. Just because a radio shop sends a frequency, doesn't mean there isn't a typo, the end user has changed who uses what, or other reasons. This is why we rely on personal "confirmed" data. Also know that data that is submitted isn't always entered into the wiki. For various reasons discussed amongst the DB administrative teams here, we occasionally leave data out. We also don't include covert, under-cover, or input data into our wiki. We are a public safety friendly site, and work hard to make sure we maintain that relationship, as well as the safety of those that risk their lives to protect us. Data submissions can also be corrections and/or "reconfirmations" as well, as you can see all information in the wiki is date coded confirmed. (We use "FCC" style date. YYYY.MM.DD). Data that hasn't changed within a year stays with the current year's confirmation date, to reduce the amount of edits to page, and prevent other issues. (In other words, a 2019 confirmation locks it in until 2020, unless something changes). If you work for a public safety agency and want information removed, please send me an email at w1kne [at}, or a private message here.

Thank you for your time and understanding on this. We collectively hope you like the data we provide, as well as the accuracy in which it is provided.

(Want to submit data, it's easy. Click here... posting.php?mode=post&f=69&t=40807).

Thank You,
Mike Fitzpatrick
Scan New England Webmaster/Owner.
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