Posting of sensitive and/or input information

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Posting of sensitive and/or input information

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Hi Folks,

Because this has popped up a couple of times recently, I want to refresh a long standing policy here at Scan New England.

We run the site as a "public safety" friendly website. We also want to minimize the risk to public safety users that can occur with information that is "released". So with that said, we frown badly on posting of sensitive information, such as covert information, undercover frequencies, and the like. In fact, we frown on it so much, that if that information is ever posted here, one of our fine moderators will delete it promptly.

The same goes for input frequencies and tones. While most inputs are industry standard, VHF inputs tend to not be. Also PL tones are not standard. Yes, this is information you can find on other websites, but unless you know what you are specifically looking for, it can be confusing at best. So by posting it here, you make the possibility of finding it out a lot easier to the "lay person". And, this policy is for all radio systems, and not exclusive to public safety. So please don't post input frequencies or tones. Like above, if you do, they will be deleted promptly by one of the fine moderators here. This policy does NOT apply to, amateur radio, or duplex frequency pairs (commonly found on Taxi Cab services).

Lastly, radio frequency information obtained from documentation. Unless the document is made public, and you can provide a link showing the document, that information should never be posted here. Often times, that information is confidential, sometimes preliminary, and is not something I want to get this site into trouble by having it posted here.
If you have a document of this type, and have proof that you can publish it, please PM me or email me first, before hand. Any that are not approved by me or another moderator here, will be taken down.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and happy scanning.

-- Mike Fitzpatrick
Scan New England
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