Dispatch LTR reconfirmations

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Dispatch LTR reconfirmations

Post by n1zyy »


Nothing too enthralling here, but I left the scanner on some of the LTR systems a bit and have some reconfirmations on LCNs:

http://scannewengland.net/wiki/index.ph ... ations_LTR


As best as I can tell, this site now has no users, which matches a note added to the wiki last year. The existing LCN information is correct, for whatever that is worth:

02 - 463.4
04 - 462.3
06 - 464.25
08 - 462.5
10 - 461.275
12 - 463.6
14 - 462.05
18 - 463.9

My scanner in "LCN Finder" mode re-found these, so the system is still online, just... quiet.


Unchanged, but still active:

01 - 484.1625
05 - 484.5625
09 - 483.8875


Reconfirmed recently already, it turns out, so nothing needed. I agree with the assessment that only 01, 05, 13, and 17 are active now.

Is there interest in reconfirming talkgroups?
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Re: Dispatch LTR reconfirmations

Post by garys »

It won't hurt to reconfirm Talk Groups. My expectation is that users will be migrating to a digital system at some time. The only user I listen to is Armstrong Ambulance and they were active as of a day or so.
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Re: Dispatch LTR reconfirmations

Post by ecps92 »

Any/All updates are helpfull, from TG's to LCN Changes

thanks for such a comprehensive update.

Wiki has been updated with your info
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